Bereavement Care (Funerals/Memorials/Visitations/)Post Fellowship)


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During our earthly pilgrimage, life changes from physical to spiritual at the passing of a loved one. As a church family, we are called to be there for each other. If it is possible to speak to the clergy before a death occurs, please do so. This allows us to carry out our corporate Christian responsibilities and ease the process of funeral or memorial planning. Please do the following:

  • As death approaches please call the clergy for visitation and the Last Rites.
  • When death occurs, please report that to the clergy as soon as possible and arrange a meeting with the clergy to plan the burial or memorial liturgy.
  • For memorials, you are encouraged to asked family and friends to memorialize your departed loved ones with memorial giving to either The Carty-Lealtad Endowment Fund or the operating budget of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church or other worthy, not-for-profit organizations.
  • To contact the church in time of death, please call (651-228-0930).

Schedule a meeting to speak with the Bereavement Committee by calling the church office




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